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We know you are here because you are serious about your online business, blogging and want to explore your business around the world so you need best web hosting companies for small business or big business, you will find every solution for your any kind of online business.
If you want to host your website but don’t want to pay huge price for web hosting? Whether you are looking for coupons, discounts for Shared, VPS (Virtual Private Servers) or Dedicated hosting plans, we have ventured around the web to find the latest promo codes to help you save some money.


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best web hosting companies for small business dreamhost 4 star
Focusing on shared hosting, BlueHost is ideal for customers seeking affordable Linux hosting and reseller packages. The company is part of the Endurance International Group based in Boston, MA

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 Best Web Hosting Companies For Small Business

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 About Web Hosting

Web hosting is basically an arrangement of technology to connect an entire world through Internet so there are web servers who connect with internet 24X7. Web hosting companies have lot of servers around the world called Data Centers. They run non-stop to provide internet connectivity with any website. Suppose you want to get some technology related information so you will open any technical informative site and access this by internet but that site is hosted on any server which is provided by Web Hosting Companies around the world.
There are many types of web servers like Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting etc. Basically shared hosting is cheap and shared with many clients on the Glob and VPS is Virtual Private Network for specific client and the last important is Dedicated hosting which is very expensive and dedicated for only one client.

Web Hosting Check List

Before taking any decision you should known about below check lists to consider while purchase any web hosting and you should know about features and specifications of web hosting companies.

Website Hosting Speed

Website speed is the main and very critical point, we should not compromise with server speed our site should open in fractions of seconds, in Google ranking, site speed is also a major part of ranking any website because user doesn’t wait for site to open, he or she moves away if it is taking more time so speed matters a lot don’t ignore this at any cost.

Data Back Up Services

Data backup of your site another important part of web hosting because when your site is hacked or you accidentally delete important file then what happened? So you should choose web host who is providing automatic backup of your site at regular interval. In real life scenarios, there were many examples that lost their success website.

Customer Reviews

Always take customers reviews before purchase any web host because they are the real users who judge the web host companies whatever we tell its okay but at last you should think about yourself to take any good decision.

Web Hosting Security

Security is the second challenge in this decade because there are many challenges in nearby future. Okay think about this if your successful website hacked then what should you do or how to recover is another topic but you should take care of this so before buying web hosting you need to check that they provide any security or protect their server by any firewall. Like WordPress CMS they provide regular updates for security.

Expert Opinions

Listening to customer feedback is great but you also need to listen to the experts (like us) who have literally tested hundreds of web hosting companies for our many websites hosted around the world. When we give any suggestion for our clients, we check and test all features and specifications for webhost on the basis of this we rate any web hosting companies. We mainly consider their features, reliability, security and of course uptime!

Good Technical Support

If you are newbie or professional guy whatever but in case of critical condition you need customer support or if you are newbie to host your website then you need support as well because you are not much familiar with hosting platform and require assistance of professional support so its matter a lot to consider to buy any host. Suppose you are out of the town and your site become down or hacked then what should you do? You need technical support for this to recover your website as soon s possible.


When you host your website on a server owned by somebody else, you’re relying on your web hosting company to keep that server online at all times. If it goes down, your website goes down too. The longer it’s down, the longer potential customers will be unable to visit your site. If your site goes down for long time then its most chances to move your potential customers to other site and it will reduce your authenticity and affect your business a lot. I know that no one is providing 100% uptime but you can pick for those who give you guaranty of 99% uptime that is very good.
Think about these factors before signing up to a new web host:
• Additional features such as website builders and free domain name registration
• Good value for money
• No less than 99% up-time (most of the best web hosting companies should have a guaranteed uptime)
Disclosure: We rank all the web hosting sites based on customer reviews and own expert personal views. We consider factors such as cost, speed, up time, customer support and reliability as factors when considering which is the best web hosting companies. We receive a commission from all providers but in no way is this reflected in our rankings.